You have been playing for many years, and are proficient with advanced playing.

You can be your own teacher at this point, using these lessons as a guide and resource.

We recommend you start with the following lessons:


Sometimes called the “Bible of Violin Studies,” these are critical etudes for any serious player. These lessons will teach you highly advanced and refined ways of thinking about violin technique.


Go through all the advanced lessons for 3-octave scales. These lessons will help you work on sound quality, physical relaxation, pulse, and other advanced skills in your scales.


Browse all the technique lessons, and focus on the ones that you need help with. There is a lot to learn here, but you are advanced enough to pick and choose. Focus on a deep understanding of the fine details, and train them diligently until you have mastered them!


Review good practice methods, and make sure you are being efficient and effective with you precious practice hours!


Review the lessons on Mozart’s 5th Concerto for advanced tips about practicing and “how to think” as a performing artist.