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This was fantastic. ... I didn’t think this would be as helpful as it was and the fact that I can replay it over and over again is a bonus for me to remember all the pieces. Thanks very much!
— Ann McPherson, current student

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Beginner: How to hold the bow

Intermediate: A break down of Kinsey Book 2 No 9

Advanced: martelle and staccato

I think the length of the video is perfect and I like that you introduce the technique before playing through the etude. I also thought your explanations and practice suggestions were well presented.
— Current student

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Learn from Joshua Peckins: experienced teacher and professional concert violinist

With degrees from the New England Conservatory, Yale School of Music, and the Vienna University of Music, Mr. Peckins is on the faculty of the New England Conservatory Prep School and has taught for over a decade in Boston and Vienna.  He has performed as concert artist throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia, from Carnegie Hall to Beijing's Performance Arts Center.

Learn techniques tested on the concert stage, often only available to students at prestigious, world-class conservatories.


Clear explanations - your blueprint for success

Each lesson is like a live lesson with Mr. Peckins - he breaks down the technique, shows you how to practice, and demonstrates the critical techniques.

You still have to do the hard work of practicing - no teacher can practice for you! - but these lessons show you step by step exactly what and how to practice so you can make reliable progress.


Over 14 hours of video - click here to view the full collection

Over 100 unique lessons and 14 hours of content

Over $1,600 in value if you were to take private lessons with Mr. Peckins

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Etude Lessons: like a private lesson on your specific etude

Etudes by Kinsey, Kreutzer, and Dont are included (over 60 unique etude lessons!)

Each lesson breaks down the etude, demonstrates everything, and gives you a clear practice plan


Technique for Beginners

Learn how to hold the violin and bow, basic shifting and vibrato

Simple, easy to understand explanations, and everything is demonstrated


Technique Lessons for Advanced Players

Take your playing to the next level with advanced lessons on vibrato, bow strokes, shifting, and more

Learn skills often only available to students and world-class conservatories



From Suzuki Book 1 to Mozart Concerto No 5

Develop artistically and technically with clear goals and instructions for each piece



Finally master the sightreading component

Tried and tested preparations techniques



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Joshua’s teaching videos help my daughter connect to the etude and deepens her musicality. The breakdown of a professional musician’s approach, the demands of the piece, and finally the technical skills Joshua points out gives her a sense of clear direction and mastery. After watching a video lesson, my nine year old daughter comes away with a greater sense of command and plays with much more focus and confidence. Thanks so much for sharing these!
— Elizabeth Fennell, Mother of Frances
We appreciate that Joshua is finding new and interesting ways to make lessons more efficient. It is helpful to refer back to the video during the course of the week which increases practicing effectiveness.
— Current student
Sam finally moved onto Kinsey 24 yesterday, so we had the chance to view the video. I especially appreciate having your instructions on video, as Sam will sometimes argue about what you said or did not say in class, so it is nice to have a reference he cannot dispute. It is also nice for Sam to hear the etude as he is practicing. He can imitate almost anything he hears. Interpreting written music is much harder for him.
— Current student

Playing the violin is hard, but it doesn't have to feel overwhelming

With clear explanations and guidance, you can make reliable progress, step by step


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