Imagine Having a Professional Violinist On Call, 24/7, in Your Home!

Watching a young child grow from those first squeaky sounds into a talented, beautiful player is absolutely wonderful. With a curriculum of literally hundreds of lessons from beginner to advanced, we can help you become a super-star violinist parent!

We offer:

  • Huge video library of 200+ lessons (over 23 hours of video) available 24/7

  • A progressive curriculum specifically for beginners (click to view Beginner Guide)

  • Lessons on popular method books, such as Essential Elements and Suzuki

  • Intermediate and advanced lessons, so this program will never hold you back!

  • A free 2-week trial, and no commitment/easy cancelation online anytime

You and your child will learn:

After watching a video lesson, my nine year old daughter comes away with a greater sense of command and plays with much more focus and confidence. Thanks so much for sharing these!
— Elizabeth Fennell, Mother of Frances

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Sam finally moved onto Kinsey 24 yesterday, so we had the chance to view the video. I especially appreciate having your instructions on video, as Sam will sometimes argue about what you said or did not say in class, so it is nice to have a reference he cannot dispute. It is also nice for Sam to hear the etude as he is practicing. He can imitate almost anything he hears. Interpreting written music is much harder for him.
— Current Student

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This was fantastic. ... I didn’t think this would be as helpful as it was and the fact that I can replay it over and over again is a bonus for me to remember all the pieces. Thanks very much!
— Ann McPherson, current student