You can play some easy pieces and have some basic note-reading skills.

The next steps are to develop your technique, improve your note-reading, and learn more pieces!

We recommend you start with the following lessons:

Kinsey Set 1

This collection of 24 studies will help you learn basic techniques and improve your note reading. Each lesson shows you exactly how to practice, and there’s a play-through demonstration at the end. Print out the PDF for a practice “cheat sheet” to put on your music stand. The PDF covers important note-reading points, reviews the new concepts in each piece, and reminds you how to practice. Go through all 24 lessons in order.

Suzuki Book 1

This collection of beautiful pieces will help you build even more skills, and will get you started making music. Each lesson explains the new skills, shows you how to practice, and gives a play-through demonstration.


Watch the first 7 scale lessons. This will help you learn the notes and key signatures, as well as develop important technical points.

Position and Set-Up

Review the important lessons on bow hold, posture, and left hand position. These are critical skills that will help you get set-up for long-term success.