You are skilled at reading music, have a good set-up, and know a variety of bow strokes.

The next steps are to refine your technique, learn to practice like an expert, and learn more pieces!

We recommend you start with the following lessons:

Kinsey Set 2

This collection of 24 studies will help you learn intermediate techniques like shifting, more advanced key signatures, bow strokes, and rhythms. Each lesson shows you exactly how to practice, and there’s a play-through demonstration at the end. Go through all 24 lessons in order.

Suzuki Book 2

This collection of beautiful pieces will help you develop your musicality and performance skills. These lessons will remind you to focus on beauty and musical expression.


Review good practice methods, and make sure you are being efficient and effective with you precious practice hours!


Start to explore the lessons for intermediate and advanced students. These lessons will help you develop your technique and music theory, and are an important part of reaching an advanced level.

Position and Set-Up

These are critical skills for all levels, and are worthy of review by any intermediate player.


Kinsey Set 2 will introduce shifting near the end. Get ready for those lessons, and reinforce your technique with shifting lessons.

Silent Bow Exercises

These are challenging, but extremely helpful exercises for developing an advanced bow technique.